IRIDIUM SECURITY has successfully planned and managed security for a wide range of shows and events across the UK since its inception in 2005. The company has gained a solid reputation as a skilled and professional security provider. We have recently expanded our service to include the corporate field and look forward to bringing our knowledge and experience to this important business sector.

Our Specialisation






“Iridium is committed to providing the best possible security service to our working partners and their clients worldwide. We will achieve this by a taking an individual, measured and carefully planned approach to each client’s specific needs.”


IRIDIUM SECURITY is now providing a full service to the corporate and public sectors, including banks, offices, business centres and medical and educational institutions.

Our Success

From live concerts to awards shows, from red carpets to green rooms to celebrity-packed after-show parties, Iridium Security delivers a service that is unrivalled in the entertainment industry. Our entertainment clients, who include The AEG O2, Brooklyn Bowl and Eclectic Bar Group plc, know that our professional and discreet approach to security will leave them with one less concern as they plan some of the country’s biggest events.

Our Achievements

Iridium Security has been awarded industry standard certificates for consistently maintaining the highest standards in security services.

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